Top single page websides

Top single page websides


Sites consisting of a single page are becoming more and more popular and this is an excellent example of the way mobile devices have changed our habits.

A couple of years ago, these sites would  be called amateur, but today when people use tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, it is much more convenient for them to scroll pages down or up than to press the navigation menu buttons.Despite it’s simplicity, making a single-page site is not any easier than the usual one.

Lots of questions appear immediately. How to add all available content if the page is only one? How not to arrange a mess? What should be at the top of the page? How to make the site convenient, but at the same time – beautiful? It’s better to see a few examples of the top ones and to form an opinion by your own.

The purpose of such resource is to bring traffic to conversion action and only a certain structure helps with it.

Developing a landing page some certain rules has to be followed, they must be taken into account, if your goal is to achieve better efficiency.