How to choose a color for logo

How to choose a color for logo?

It is quite difficult to trace the pattern of choosing the color for logotype, because all the famous companies used different ones and it’s impossible to allocate an exact one.  

Before designing a logo it’s important to understand, what does each color mean. The main 4 are blue, red, green and yellow, they are widely used.

  • Green

This color stimulates to be active, but atthe same time it means tranquility. Green is not supersaturated emotionally, so if a logo is not ought to have multifunctionality, this neutral color would be perfect.

  • Yellow

This color is a perfect motivator for activity and makes an impression of holiday, so if the goal is to cause customers a sense of carefree joy, yellow would be perfect.


  • Red

Red is a symbol of poverty, so many designers are afraid of using it, but if it’s necessary to persuade customers to take decisive actions, red would be a right chosen color.

  • Blue

This color is cold and really can help with concentration, it’s a color of sky and sea, so if relaxation is a logo of company, blue would be great.