3 modern designed effects, which are overused

3 modern designed effects, which are overused

Design of sites is such field, where imagination can be showed in it’s better way, but there are some effects, which are overused by many creators.


All the customers pay great attention at the design of the site and it’s not surprising. Trends in sphere of design are different and very often we can see that creator tries to use as much of them as he can.
First mistake, which is made is that on the websites there are a lot of elements, pictures, features, buttons and so on. Here it’s important to understand that quality is better than quantity, so it’s better to choose two main trends and use only them.

The second common mistake is that font, which are used are so illegible, that a person, who searches the website cannot even understand the text. Fonts can be different, but the main rule is that it has to be clear and easy reading. Choosing one big and one smaller font is the best variant for content, in this case clients would be pleased.

And the last widely made mistake is that creators use too much pop-up windows on the website. It one more time shows how  is moderation important for high-quality design and how general impression can be crashed because of such mistakes. Pop-up windows are perfect for greeting or some announcements, but when they appear too often, people start to get angry and leave your site.

Creating a website, designer has to understand that it’s important to be in trends, but their usage has to be restrained. If client sees too much irritants, he won’t put up with it and will just leave your site, searching for another one. The examples of well done design of the websites you can find here.