3 modern designed effects, which are overused

Design of sites is such field, where imagination can be showed in it’s better way, but there are some effects, which are overused by many creators.   All the customers pay great attention at the design of the site and it’s not surprising. Trends in sphere of design are different and very often we can […]

How to choose a color for logo?

It is quite difficult to trace the pattern of choosing the color for logotype, because all the famous companies used different ones and it’s impossible to allocate an exact one.   Before designing a logo it’s important to understand, what does each color mean. The main 4 are blue, red, green and yellow, they are […]

Compilation of restaurant logos

Creative and modern logotype of a restaurant is that, what influences on the future success of it, so it’s creation is an important part of work.   Perfect service and tasty food is not the only components, which has to be put attention on. It’s often happens that people visit restaurant not because they heard […]

Mistakes in logo creation

Creation of a logotype is an important thing in the development of a company, so each mistake can be fatal, to avoid them it’s necessary to know a couple of rules. Some entrepreneurs try to draw a logo by their own or give this task to colleagues, relatives, friends, it’s the most widespread mistake people […]

Top single page websides

  Sites consisting of a single page are becoming more and more popular and this is an excellent example of the way mobile devices have changed our habits. A couple of years ago, these sites would  be called amateur, but today when people use tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, it is much more […]

My First Payment from Mylot

This is a long overdued post. I thought that I have to share this so that I can inspire others as well. To be honest, seeing the very first moolah that entered into my Paypal account made me ecstatic and excited! I should have blogged about this when I was at the peak of that […]

My First Payment from Blogsvertise

Just last week, while updating my blogs and was wide awake at exactly 2 in the morning, I received an email notification of my payment from Blogsvertise! I was really happy because all I thought, there was something wrong with it since I’ve been waiting to be paid the moment I finished an assignment from […]

7 Winners for Mother’s Day Giveaway! Join Now!

“Mother’s Day… a time for warm thoughts and fond memories, for expressing the feelings and words that often go unspoken, for letting those special people in our lives know that they are loved and appreciated – always.” Great mothers deserve a treat on their special day! I Heart Giveaways, together with other awesome bloggers, is […]


In my 2 years of blogging, I also have gained blogger friends from across the world. As I was very excited and happy of a comment that I received from Mai, there she was requesting the code of one of my blogs’ badge too, to be featured in her site. That is like a sparkling […]

How to Create a Mylot Referral Button/Banner

Someone asked me about how to get the mylot code and button after she has read my previous post. Yeah, i forgot to say in that article that mylot only provides the button but not the codes. Once again, I did this tutorial in order to help other Mylot users as well. So here’s what you’re going […]

I Found Myself a Regular Blog Opp!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Have you been earning from your blogs lately? I do hope so! Well, about me, I am just so grateful for the wonder of internet. If last week, I was very desperate for blog opportunities because it seemed like my blogs are hungry for them for a long […]

Adding the Auto Read More Function with Thumbnail to Every Post in Blogger

Howdy folks! Here I am again. Giving you tips and easy to follow tutorial. Today, I am going to help you how to activate that ‘Read More’ function on your every post with thumbnail on the side. This is highly demanded by some bloggers who want to make their homepage look more organized and properly […]

Tips on How to Establish a Money Making Site

A re-post from my then Make Money Online blog.I’ve been away for ages from this blog and I just couldn’t let it die because I have readers here who subscribed to be updated with my new posts. Forgive me for making you wait. But then, here I am blogging tips for you again! So, this […]

Designing Career Update

Hello pals! If you are a frequent reader of this designs site of mine, I am sure that you felt my absense from designing for the past months. It’s because I’ve been busy especially now that I decided to pursue studying so that I can qualify to take the LET or the Licensure Exam for […]

I’ve Decided. Designing Career Stops

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Faithful Customers, How are you all? I’m sure that you have noticed that I have been on hiatus from designing for decades now. Yes, I’m exaggerating it for saying ‘decades’. Studies have become so demanding lately, especially now that I’m preparing for the upcoming Midterm exams which start on Monday. Well, […]

Trends in web design 2015 that we still enjoy

2015 was an awesome year in web design simply because almost all trends that were popular at that time are still widely used now. Let’s recall of three which were the brightest ones.   Blur backgrounds with calm and pastel colours don’t divert readers’ attention from the main point your website wants to emphasize on, […]

5 Reasons to Visit Lloret de Mar, a Pearl of Costa Brava

Picking a travelling destination is much more difficult for me than actually planning this trip. I guess you understand why: when you’re young and the whole world opens in front of you, the only wish you have is to conquer it. Or at least to explore it, fully and completely. I always try to spend […]