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Tips on How to Establish a Money Making Site

A re-post from my then Make Money Online blog.I’ve been away for ages from this blog and I just couldn’t let it die because I have readers here who subscribed to be updated with my new posts. Forgive me for making you wait. But then, here I am blogging tips for you again! So, this time, I’ll be giving you tips on how to earn from your blog site/s may it be in Blogspot/Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or any other platform. The target of this article are those bloggers who are just beginning to make their own site.

When I first started blogging, I never thought that my established blog site would earn me bucks. It was hard during the first few weeks that prolonged to months and months of waiting because all I really wanted was to earn. So, if you are like me who is just starting to make your own blog site and updating it with posts that is of true value and help for your readers, let me tell you that you need to be VERY patient. Earning money online from blogging isn’t that easy. But also, lose no hope for you will get to earn. And when you start earning, there’s no way to stop. I promise.
Now, this question comes next. What do you need to do in order to make your owned blog site a money earning site.
1. Establish a good count of informative and useful articles. Let that become a compilation or series of posts that you enjoy reading back all over again. I do this a lot. And I actually give myself appreciation for seeing that even though English is not my first language, seeing my articles makes me happy. The key is, the more you write, the more you improve.
2. Make your site a friendly site and easy to navigate. Always be certain that your readers can have an access to all your blog posts by integrating pages or blog archives on the sidebars.
3. Make sure that all of those articles are originally yours. You will be needing this honesty so as to win advertisers to hire you and approve your site. Also, when posting pictures that are derived from the web, always give credit to the site or owner of that particular photo because you will not want that to be a copyright issue. Many image owners in the web are very particular with this that they search if their photos are being used illegally. Be very careful.
3. Socialize with other bloggers. Make friends by blog hopping, commenting and visiting their blogs regularly. That way, you’ll earn traffic to your site daily.
4. Submit your blog/s and get listed to search engines such as GoogleBing, Yahoo, etcetera… for your articles’ exposure. Just search for tutorials online that will help you on how to do this. This way, unique visitors will be led to reading your articles for research purposes. I’m sure that your works will pop out on the list that relates mostly to what they need.
5. Hunt for sites that hire bloggers to make reviews and articles to advertise their products, sites or services. Try your best to be approved. I’ve been there. I was denied for many times and after so many tries of insisting and trying my best to meet their requirements, I was finally approved and actually receiving tasks and assignments from advertisers.
I’ve provided links to blogger hiring sites below. Just click on them and that should lead you to its homepage.