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My First Payment from Mylot

This is a long overdued post. I thought that I have to share this so that I can inspire others as well. To be honest, seeing the very first moolah that entered into my Paypal account made me ecstatic and excited! I should have blogged about this when I was at the peak of that happiness. Nevertheless, it’s still not too late, right? It may not be that much, I know. But I’m very sure that posts like this will definitely excite others and make them believe that earning money online is possible.
I’ve taken a photo of my Paypal account of the said payment from Mylot. Have also erased some important details on this proof of payment to protect my account and the sender’s as well. Mylot, by the way, gives out payment every month for as long as participants reach the minimum cash payout of $10. For which in my case has gone over $2 more. That’s because I’ve participated so well and have been very active on discussions, tasks and responses before the closing time.