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My First Payment from Blogsvertise

Just last week, while updating my blogs and was wide awake at exactly 2 in the morning, I received an email notification of my payment from Blogsvertise! I was really happy because all I thought, there was something wrong with it since I’ve been waiting to be paid the moment I finished an assignment from them. Good thing that a friend on Facebook enlightened me that Blogsvertise forwards payment at the end of the month or the 30th day after completing the task.
There is always joy and excitement when extra moolah comes into my Paypal account, may it be big or small, I’m very thankful for whatever the amount is. It’s just fair to be happy and thankful, right? And so, I’ll always be blogging about these kind of good news! And congratulations to Rona’s Reviews for earning this moolah! More to come! Cheers!