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I Found Myself a Regular Blog Opp!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Have you been earning from your blogs lately? I do hope so!

Well, about me, I am just so grateful for the wonder of internet. If last week, I was very desperate for blog opportunities because it seemed like my blogs are hungry for them for a long time now as well as my Paypal account for the income. LOL! I even shouted it out on Facebook and lovely friends suggested some links. Mind you. I signed up on all their recommendations and guess what? None from them gave me an opportunity just yet. So, with all effort, I researched via google on blog hiring sites for opportunities. Voila! There was one!

One of my applications thru email was noticed and there I found a reply from one of the blog hiring sites! Actually, it was not a company or website, it was only an email address. They are hiring interested bloggers for regular tasks for as long as your blog ranks 1 on Google. From that reply, they immediately gave me a task by writing anything I want that ranges from 50 to 100 words provided that I input a link in my post. So far, I already submitted 2 blog posts consecutively within 5 days and was paid shortly as soon as I finish an assignment. The pay may not be that much ($5), but how is it gonna be when the opportunity is regular for writing any topic you love, right?

If you are interested on giving this a shot yourself, just send Mr. Matt.

Do not forget to introduce your blogs and willingness to work with them.

That’s all for now, as I am preparing myself to design another blog. This means another moolah! Ciao!