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Designing Career Update

Hello pals! If you are a frequent reader of this designs site of mine, I am sure that you felt my absense from designing for the past months. It’s because I’ve been busy especially now that I decided to pursue studying so that I can qualify to take the LET or the Licensure Exam for Teachers. Blogging and designing is just being inserted if I have time. As I am also attending in the school library during my free time, you will still feel my absense from the online world. Well, I just hope that I could finish archiving and cataloging the books. I am a librarian from scratch and it is such a challenge to be working alone. Imagine how hard it is for me to arrange and archive those books that I needed to search the web to help me with it.

But that busyness did not prevent me from learning to tweak and design in the WordPress platform, which I have been aiming to achieve since I started designing blogs last year. It’s because I have transferred my blogs now to WP from Blogger. And I heard that this platform attracts more DA’s. I needed that before I call the Bankruptcy Attorney NYC. Lol. Yep, you heard it right! The opportunities that come lately is not enough to sustain my needs right now since I am thinking of earning more to buy a new laptop or a better cellphone. It’s good though that I now know how to design in wordpress! I could start earning from it soon! If busyness from studies would get in the way, well it’s the priority anyway…. Do you happen to know some Bankruptcy Attorney NYCto recommend if ever I start needing advises? Lol!
Oh and by the way, I am still polishing the design of my fashion and giveaway site, Women’s Choice but I’m happy that I was able to copy the original design of it from Blogger on my very first try! You can go look at it HERE.