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I’ve Decided. Designing Career Stops

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Faithful Customers,

How are you all?

I’m sure that you have noticed that I have been on hiatus from designing for decades now. Yes, I’m exaggerating it for saying ‘decades’. Studies have become so demanding lately, especially now that I’m preparing for the upcoming Midterm exams which start on Monday.

Well, life has indeed totally changed for me and my Hubby after moving here in Cabanatuan last June. From settling into our new home, to enrollment processes and school days that loaded our shoulders. Little did we realize, days have gone by that soon! Add to that our duties in church that we have to travel every Friday afternoon to Manila and travel back every Sunday night. So much things to do and so less time to accomplish them that even blogging for me has become the least priority. I actually have slept from writing for the first several weeks of June until I felt that I was again physically settled to the new lifestyle and the new environment.

As expected, designing was set aside until now that I’m writing this post. You may have noticed too that this designs site template clearly needs a new dress. Honestly, this look stayed bare ever since I changed my host and moved to WordPress. It even bored me for updating tutorials too. The thing is, I get inspiration first from a fabulous look and design to drive myself to be motivated again before I go back on track.

Sorry guys. But I’ve decided.

I will be putting a stop to this career for now until we move back to Manila by May of 2013. There’s not much luxury of time for me to attend to your orders right now. Because normally, I give full attention to designing logos for at least 8 or more hours straight at Design Contest. So I’d like to apologize to those clients who have been waiting for the pending makeover of their blogs. Please accept my sincere apology. I may be back to designing on semestral break this October. But that is still impossible as I have travel schedules on those days.

I personally misses designing websites. I really do! But time doesn’t permit me to do so for now. Priorities first as everybody says.

Just please always be supportive, my loving customers and supporters. Don’t you worry. Who knows? I might be back making gorgeous blog templates in no time!

God bless and enjoy the week ahead.


Sincerely Yours,