Adding the Auto Read More Function with Thumbnail to Every Post in Blogger

Howdy folks! Here I am again. Giving you tips and easy to follow tutorial.

Today, I am going to help you how to activate that ‘Read More’ function on your every post with thumbnail on the side. This is highly demanded by some bloggers who want to make their homepage look more organized and properly archived. By doing this, every post will contain a ‘read more’ function that is expanded once clicked on and being led to reading the whole post.

How to do this?

But first, and very important!

Always make a back up of your template before doing this tutorial in case anything goes wrong.

To do that?
Go to Dashboard – Template – Restore/Back-up Template.
Click Download.

Now you’re good to go with the next tutorial.

How to Activate Auto Read More Function with Thumbnail:

1. Go to your Dashboard. Click Template and tick Edit Template.
2. Click on the word Proceed.
3. Check the box that says Expand Template.
4. On your keyboard, click CTRL+F and a window on the upper right side of your screen will appear.
5. In that window, type and look for this code:

6. Replace that with the following code.

7. Now look for this code:

8. And paste the following code just right BEFORE the code above.

Click Preview to see if the code works perfectly then Save!

Enjoy your new homepage look! And until our next tutorial. Ciao!