Trends in web design 2015 that we still enjoy

2015 was an awesome year in web design simply because almost all trends that were popular at that time are still widely used now. Let’s recall of three which were the brightest ones.


Blur backgrounds with calm and pastel colours don’t divert readers’ attention from the main point your website wants to emphasize on, that’s why it visitors get a pleasant feeling they aren’t disturbed by things like revolving icons, harsh sounds or other peculiarities that sometimes are used in an excessive way. Such backgrounds were really popular 2 years ago and are widely being used now. However, these backgrounds have their own snags: if you use a wrong combination of colours, the whole positive impression will be blurred as well.

The hamburger menu made up by Xerox product designer Norm Cox was a real boom on a mass scale in 2015. A lot of web sites are still using it, though it can be thoroughly criticized for being ineffective. This icon is an easy solution if you want to stick to minimalism and save space on the website but it’s not so efficient as you might think. Firstly, you can hide in your hamburger menu something your users may really need like a wish list or a product search. This will make your web site hard to use and will lessen its usability. Secondly, it’s not always convenient to use when the web site is visited from a tab or mobile phone. The icon can be hard to reach from these devices and people won’t be highly satisfied with it.

Infinite scrolling was another chance to keep visitors on the website interested and busy as long as it was actually possible. Its idea once again proves that brilliant things are brilliantly easy to accomplish. The algorithm was simple: reading the article they really enjoyed, visitors scroll down and notice one more article with a similar topic that one doesn’t even have to click on – it is a sort of continuation of the previous one. Then the same things repeat again and again until there are no articles left. Thus a visitor gets addicted to reading this website. Clever, isn’t it?