5 Reasons to Visit Lloret de Mar, a Pearl of Costa Brava

5 Reasons to Visit Lloret de Mar, a Pearl of Costa Brava

Picking a travelling destination is much more difficult for me than actually planning this trip. I guess you understand why: when you’re young and the whole world opens in front of you, the only wish you have is to conquer it. Or at least to explore it, fully and completely.

I always try to spend my vacation with my friends: this way I get much more great impressions from visiting distant places. We are a really cosmopolitan company. There are two of us who come from Ukraine and two of us who are Germans. As you see, it’s a real mixture, which makes it even more difficult to pick where we want to go. The solution we came up a few years ago was simply throwing a dice: whoever wins will pick a country and a city. This time I got really lucky and chose the only city I was enticed by since the Champion’s League Final 2015: Barcelona. However, we decided to examine Spain far more carefully and picked a resort near Barcelona, Lloret de Mar. I guess, you’ve heard a lot about Barcelona but what about Lloret, a beautiful nook of Costa Brava situated 47 miles away from Barcelona? This city breathes with youth and adventures: what else do you need in summer? Let me tell you about 5 reasons why Lloret de Mar is absolutely worth visiting.

Ability to explore Costa Brava, Catalonia

Firstly, let me tell you why you should start your exploration of Spain with Lloret de Mar. because of its beneficial location, you can get to the main attractions of Costa Brava within 2 hours max. It enables you to visit not only Barcelona with its stunning architecture, gorgeous creations by Gaudi and miraculous Camp Nou. You can spend 30 minutes and get to Girona with its unbelievable atmosphere, drive 2 hours to the pearl of Costa Brava, Cadaques, that inspired Salvador Dali for his best creations, take 20 minutes to get to Tossa in order to experience its separate marvellous world of ancient buildings and warm sea.

Lloret de Mar magical beach

It was magical every time I saw it but the best impressions I got when we visited it in the early morning. There were no people at all and this desert beach combined with calm sea and pleasant feeling of sand under feet reminded of a piece of paradise on Earth. Do you know the feeling when everything petrifies and you get a feeling as if you were alone on the planet? If not, you should definitely experience it, visiting Lloret de Mar in the morning. Also, I cannot say that this beach is any worse in a daytime or at night. It’s a bit crowded, yes, but the sea is pleasant, the beach itself is smooth and that’s why even kids can go bathing without any worries for their parents. But the impressions I got there in the morning will hardly ever fade. If I was asked to characterize this beach with a single word, it would be “hospitable” for sure.

Architecture and architectonic

Yes, I do realise that architectonic refers precisely to poetry but walking along the narrow streets of Lloret de Mar you get so inspired that become ready to create, design and write and compose. If you’re interested in ancient buildings that breathe with a long captivating history, you may take up a walk near Castell d’en Plaja, Church of Sant Roma or even Lloret de Mar old Cemetery (which is extremely creepy, frankly speaking). If you’re more into modern architecture, you will like Lloret de Mar streets that lead to the sea or the central part of the city. The combination of modern and ancient buildings that are spilled on the seashore is definitely worth admiring. And getting motivated as well. Also, you’ll be in a romantic mood if you visit the Monument to the Fisherman’s Wife. not because the story hidden behind this monument is so moving but because of the view that opens in front of you: you’re falling in love not with a person but with the city and the sea it is spread on.

Shopping and entertaining

I’m not talking about some expensive fashionable designing clothes. I’m talking about small souvenirs that remind you of the vocation half a year after it, when you’re sitting at your work or drinking tea at home. You can buy a lot and pay next to nothing. Everything is really cheap there in comparison with other resorts in Europe. If you’re looking for some entertainments, try out aqua park and different museums that are presented in the city. One of the most interesting and a bit weird for me was Cat Museum we accidentally came across while strolling around the city. Unfortunately, the museum was closed at that time and we didn’t get inside, so it will be on my bucket list when I get to Lloret once again. And I will come there one more time, for sure.

Night Life

We lived in a cheap hotel near Hollywood night club, the biggest club in Lloret de Mar. that’s why, obviously, we had to check this club out as well. It was great, the music was awesome and we spent a splendid night there. However, night life for me wasn’t only partying in clubs. A real night life started when we went to the beach. Someone brought a boombox and the party went on on the sand near the sea. Barefoot, under the sky full of stars, that was the most awesome party I’ve ever attended. Also, Lloret de Mar made my summer special, indeed. If you want to experience the same flash of inspiration, make sure you visit this gorgeous resort in Spain. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.