My First Payment from Mylot

This is a long overdued post. I thought that I have to share this so that I can inspire others as well. To be honest, seeing the very first moolah that entered into my Paypal account made me ecstatic and excited! I should have blogged about this when I was at the peak of that happiness. Nevertheless, it’s still not too late, right? It may not be that much, I know. But I’m very sure that posts like this will definitely excite others and make them believe that earning money online is possible.
I’ve taken a photo of my Paypal account of the said payment from Mylot. Have also erased some important details on this proof of payment to protect my account and the sender’s as well. Mylot, by the way, gives out payment every month for as long as participants reach the minimum cash payout of $10. For which in my case has gone over $2 more. That’s because I’ve participated so well and have been very active on discussions, tasks and responses before the closing time.

My First Payment from Blogsvertise

Just last week, while updating my blogs and was wide awake at exactly 2 in the morning, I received an email notification of my payment from Blogsvertise! I was really happy because all I thought, there was something wrong with it since I’ve been waiting to be paid the moment I finished an assignment from them. Good thing that a friend on Facebook enlightened me that Blogsvertise forwards payment at the end of the month or the 30th day after completing the task.
There is always joy and excitement when extra moolah comes into my Paypal account, may it be big or small, I’m very thankful for whatever the amount is. It’s just fair to be happy and thankful, right? And so, I’ll always be blogging about these kind of good news! And congratulations to Rona’s Reviews for earning this moolah! More to come! Cheers!

7 Winners for Mother’s Day Giveaway! Join Now!

“Mother’s Day… a time for warm thoughts and fond memories, for expressing the feelings and words that often go unspoken, for letting those special people in our lives know that they are loved and appreciated – always.”
Great mothers deserve a treat on their special day! I Heart Giveaways, together with other awesome bloggers, is hosting a brand new giveaway especially made for moms. Seven lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win these exciting prizes:


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  • Coupon Binders
  • Pirate Party Games Pack
  • Ravishing Rose 6 Pair Earring Set

Click here to see the images and value of the prizes listed above. Note: All items will be shipped to the winner within one to three weeks after the end date of this giveaway. Non-cash items are not convertible to any form of money.

What are you waiting for? Enter on the rafflecopter below for a chance to win! Mother’s Day Giveaway will accept entries until May 18, 2012. Open worldwide.


In my 2 years of blogging, I also have gained blogger friends from across the world. As I was very excited and happy of a comment that I received from Mai, there she was requesting the code of one of my blogs’ badge too, to be featured in her site. That is like a sparkling comment that stood out of the rest! From the time that I received it, without further thinking and setting aside blog posting and hopping for a while, I immediately messaged her through facebook together with my code!
And yeah! Don’t you think that this designs site’s badge looks so good on her site’s sidebar? LOL!
Thanks a bunch Mai for doing this for the second time! You are really sweet! I might consider doing this too to personally thank my frequent commenters and visitors.
If you want to be featured in Mai’s site of wonderful stories about her kids and adventures as a MOM as well, just click HERE. You’ll definitely love visiting her site always and don’t forget to park some notes on her posts too!

How to Create a Mylot Referral Button/Banner

Someone asked me about how to get the mylot code and button after she has read my previous post. Yeah, i forgot to say in that article that mylot only provides the button but not the codes. Once again, I did this tutorial in order to help other Mylot users as well.

So here’s what you’re going to do:

1. Go to Mylot. Click EARNINGS and scroll down to WEBSITE BANNERS. Choose one that you like best.2. Right-click on that banner/button you chose. Click SAVE AS, and save it to your desktop.

3. Upload that button to (sign up to create an account there if you still don’t have one, for this is the best online photo compiler that automatically provides codes to images) Once the button is uploaded, hover your mouse over that button and copy the DIRECT LINK.

4. The code below is where you’ll put the DIRECT LINK of the button in photobucket as well as your REFERRAL LINK that is found on your Mylot Dashboard under REFERRAL.



As to my case, here is what happened.


If you will notice, the above code is the Mylot button referral that you see on my upper left sidebar. Try clicking it and that will lead you to mylot homepage.There you go! You’re done with your referral banner! Just post it on your site’s sidebar.

If there’s anything I can do more to help, just message me down here or email.

God bless and until our next tutorial! Ciao!

I Found Myself a Regular Blog Opp!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Have you been earning from your blogs lately? I do hope so!

Well, about me, I am just so grateful for the wonder of internet. If last week, I was very desperate for blog opportunities because it seemed like my blogs are hungry for them for a long time now as well as my Paypal account for the income. LOL! I even shouted it out on Facebook and lovely friends suggested some links. Mind you. I signed up on all their recommendations and guess what? None from them gave me an opportunity just yet. So, with all effort, I researched via google on blog hiring sites for opportunities. Voila! There was one!

One of my applications thru email was noticed and there I found a reply from one of the blog hiring sites! Actually, it was not a company or website, it was only an email address. They are hiring interested bloggers for regular tasks for as long as your blog ranks 1 on Google. From that reply, they immediately gave me a task by writing anything I want that ranges from 50 to 100 words provided that I input a link in my post. So far, I already submitted 2 blog posts consecutively within 5 days and was paid shortly as soon as I finish an assignment. The pay may not be that much ($5), but how is it gonna be when the opportunity is regular for writing any topic you love, right?

If you are interested on giving this a shot yourself, just send Mr. Matt.

Do not forget to introduce your blogs and willingness to work with them.

That’s all for now, as I am preparing myself to design another blog. This means another moolah! Ciao!

Adding the Auto Read More Function with Thumbnail to Every Post in Blogger

Howdy folks! Here I am again. Giving you tips and easy to follow tutorial.

Today, I am going to help you how to activate that ‘Read More’ function on your every post with thumbnail on the side. This is highly demanded by some bloggers who want to make their homepage look more organized and properly archived. By doing this, every post will contain a ‘read more’ function that is expanded once clicked on and being led to reading the whole post.

How to do this?

But first, and very important!

Always make a back up of your template before doing this tutorial in case anything goes wrong.

To do that?
Go to Dashboard – Template – Restore/Back-up Template.
Click Download.

Now you’re good to go with the next tutorial.

How to Activate Auto Read More Function with Thumbnail:

1. Go to your Dashboard. Click Template and tick Edit Template.
2. Click on the word Proceed.
3. Check the box that says Expand Template.
4. On your keyboard, click CTRL+F and a window on the upper right side of your screen will appear.
5. In that window, type and look for this code:

6. Replace that with the following code.

7. Now look for this code:

8. And paste the following code just right BEFORE the code above.

Click Preview to see if the code works perfectly then Save!

Enjoy your new homepage look! And until our next tutorial. Ciao!

Tips on How to Establish a Money Making Site

A re-post from my then Make Money Online blog.I’ve been away for ages from this blog and I just couldn’t let it die because I have readers here who subscribed to be updated with my new posts. Forgive me for making you wait. But then, here I am blogging tips for you again! So, this time, I’ll be giving you tips on how to earn from your blog site/s may it be in Blogspot/Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or any other platform. The target of this article are those bloggers who are just beginning to make their own site.

When I first started blogging, I never thought that my established blog site would earn me bucks. It was hard during the first few weeks that prolonged to months and months of waiting because all I really wanted was to earn. So, if you are like me who is just starting to make your own blog site and updating it with posts that is of true value and help for your readers, let me tell you that you need to be VERY patient. Earning money online from blogging isn’t that easy. But also, lose no hope for you will get to earn. And when you start earning, there’s no way to stop. I promise.
Now, this question comes next. What do you need to do in order to make your owned blog site a money earning site.
1. Establish a good count of informative and useful articles. Let that become a compilation or series of posts that you enjoy reading back all over again. I do this a lot. And I actually give myself appreciation for seeing that even though English is not my first language, seeing my articles makes me happy. The key is, the more you write, the more you improve.
2. Make your site a friendly site and easy to navigate. Always be certain that your readers can have an access to all your blog posts by integrating pages or blog archives on the sidebars.
3. Make sure that all of those articles are originally yours. You will be needing this honesty so as to win advertisers to hire you and approve your site. Also, when posting pictures that are derived from the web, always give credit to the site or owner of that particular photo because you will not want that to be a copyright issue. Many image owners in the web are very particular with this that they search if their photos are being used illegally. Be very careful.
3. Socialize with other bloggers. Make friends by blog hopping, commenting and visiting their blogs regularly. That way, you’ll earn traffic to your site daily.
4. Submit your blog/s and get listed to search engines such as GoogleBing, Yahoo, etcetera… for your articles’ exposure. Just search for tutorials online that will help you on how to do this. This way, unique visitors will be led to reading your articles for research purposes. I’m sure that your works will pop out on the list that relates mostly to what they need.
5. Hunt for sites that hire bloggers to make reviews and articles to advertise their products, sites or services. Try your best to be approved. I’ve been there. I was denied for many times and after so many tries of insisting and trying my best to meet their requirements, I was finally approved and actually receiving tasks and assignments from advertisers.
I’ve provided links to blogger hiring sites below. Just click on them and that should lead you to its homepage.

Designing Career Update

Hello pals! If you are a frequent reader of this designs site of mine, I am sure that you felt my absense from designing for the past months. It’s because I’ve been busy especially now that I decided to pursue studying so that I can qualify to take the LET or the Licensure Exam for Teachers. Blogging and designing is just being inserted if I have time. As I am also attending in the school library during my free time, you will still feel my absense from the online world. Well, I just hope that I could finish archiving and cataloging the books. I am a librarian from scratch and it is such a challenge to be working alone. Imagine how hard it is for me to arrange and archive those books that I needed to search the web to help me with it.

But that busyness did not prevent me from learning to tweak and design in the WordPress platform, which I have been aiming to achieve since I started designing blogs last year. It’s because I have transferred my blogs now to WP from Blogger. And I heard that this platform attracts more DA’s. I needed that before I call the Bankruptcy Attorney NYC. Lol. Yep, you heard it right! The opportunities that come lately is not enough to sustain my needs right now since I am thinking of earning more to buy a new laptop or a better cellphone. It’s good though that I now know how to design in wordpress! I could start earning from it soon! If busyness from studies would get in the way, well it’s the priority anyway…. Do you happen to know some Bankruptcy Attorney NYCto recommend if ever I start needing advises? Lol!
Oh and by the way, I am still polishing the design of my fashion and giveaway site, Women’s Choice but I’m happy that I was able to copy the original design of it from Blogger on my very first try! You can go look at it HERE.

I’ve Decided. Designing Career Stops

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Faithful Customers,

How are you all?

I’m sure that you have noticed that I have been on hiatus from designing for decades now. Yes, I’m exaggerating it for saying ‘decades’. Studies have become so demanding lately, especially now that I’m preparing for the upcoming Midterm exams which start on Monday.

Well, life has indeed totally changed for me and my Hubby after moving here in Cabanatuan last June. From settling into our new home, to enrollment processes and school days that loaded our shoulders. Little did we realize, days have gone by that soon! Add to that our duties in church that we have to travel every Friday afternoon to Manila and travel back every Sunday night. So much things to do and so less time to accomplish them that even blogging for me has become the least priority. I actually have slept from writing for the first several weeks of June until I felt that I was again physically settled to the new lifestyle and the new environment.

As expected, designing was set aside until now that I’m writing this post. You may have noticed too that this designs site template clearly needs a new dress. Honestly, this look stayed bare ever since I changed my host and moved to WordPress. It even bored me for updating tutorials too. The thing is, I get inspiration first from a fabulous look and design to drive myself to be motivated again before I go back on track.

Sorry guys. But I’ve decided.

I will be putting a stop to this career for now until we move back to Manila by May of 2013. There’s not much luxury of time for me to attend to your orders right now. Because normally, I give full attention to designing for at least 8 or more hours straight. So I’d like to apologize to those clients who have been waiting for the pending makeover of their blogs. Please accept my sincere apology. I may be back to designing on semestral break this October. But that is still impossible as I have travel schedules on those days.

I personally misses designing. I really do! But time doesn’t permit me to do so for now. Priorities first as everybody says.

Just please always be supportive, my loving customers and supporters. Don’t you worry. Who knows? I might be back making gorgeous blog templates in no time!

God bless and enjoy the week ahead.


Sincerely Yours,